Paul visiting United Nations Industry Development Organisation (UNIDO) New Delhi

With Australia set to go to the polls on May 18, it is pleasing to learn that Labor’s candidate for the federal seat of Brisbane, Dr Paul Newbury has an impressive track record of engagement and friendship with India.

Paul, who is a past member of the Australia-India Business Council (AIBC), travelled to New Delhi in  2015 at the invitation of AIBC and met with representatives from the Modi government, business, industry and assorted NGOs to discuss proposed reforms to the Indian electricity system.

At the time Paul was completing his doctorate at the University of Queensland, examining the global transformation occurring within the electricity sector. “My visit in  2015  sparked my enduring connection to India and the India diaspora.  Everyone I met was so warm and engaging and I just loved the country and culture”, says Paul.

ALP Brisbane

Paul in action playing AFL for Australia against India in 2017, Midnapur

Demonstrating his versatility, Paul has been a member of the AFL Masters Australian team since  2006 and was responsible for organising and leading the first ever tour and AFL test between an Australian masters team and the AFL India national team in  2017.  The game, held in Midnapur was attended by approx. 15,000 enthusiastic locals and was a great success.  The Test was attended by a suite of dignitaries including the Australian High Commissioner , Ms Harinder Sidhu.

“I am keen to continue my connection with India should I be elected as the federal member for Brisbane and hope to play a key role in Labor’s desire to expand the social, cultural and business ties between Australia and India into the future”, says Paul.