Attendees along with the keynote speakers at the event (1)

Attendees along with the keynote speakers at the event

BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Temple, Brisbane, welcomed more than 185 women on March 7 to celebrate the International Women’s Day 2020 through an inspiring conference titled ‘Sādhanā’, the purpose and the pursuit.

BAPS Brisbane observed this event second year in a row through the conference to acknowledge the achievements of women and to empower them with the new skills, values and motivation. The delegates aimed to reinforce resilience, build their self-belief, and harness their inner strength.

The keynote speakers of the event were Ms Raynuha Sinnathamby, a businesswoman and the managing director of the Springfield City Group, and Ms Prerna Pahwa, a Cancer aid activist and founder-president of NPGO ‘Simply Human’.

Addressing the gathering, Ms Prerna Pahwa shared her experience through personal examples to explain what International Women’s Day means to her – “passion for helping” and being “mentally and physically prepared to take and face challenges”. She discussed her journey through the times and urged the audience to have self-confidence and belief in their own efforts.

The second speaker of the evening was Ms Raynuha Sinnathamby, who shared her inspiring experiences of resilience in balancing various roles as a woman and urged others to also be resilient in fulfilling their dreams. She explained how the dedication in a disciplined way, Sādhanā, can make a difference in achieving goals in life.

VMA_2711 (1)Other guests who attended the event included Ms Jayne Hoffman, deputy principal for Pallara State School, along with other invited community leaders. The theme of the event Sādhanā, was artfully conveyed through various activities, video presentation, cultural performances, and addresses by esteemed guests who shared their inspiring testimonies and experiences.