bollywood  film producer Anand Pandit

Big B-starrer ‘Chehre’ producer out to make more suspense thrillers. Courtesy: IANS

The suspense drama “Chehre” starring Amitabh Bachchan is ready for release, and meanwhile the film’s producer Anand Pandit is out exploring the genre with a couple of fresh scripts.

“I love scripts that have uncertainty and are not predictable, because there is so much one can do with those (stories). I like it when my viewers are kept thinking of what’s going to happen next. To keep the audience guessing is an art and I love that challenge,” said Pandit.

The producer is looking at a two-month deadline to finish scripting and start working on both the movies.

“The movies are for theatre but will suit an OTT audience as well. After all, suspense thrillers are a big draw on OTT,” he said.

“I am looking forward to working with a brand new set of actors. New talent should be given a chance and the hunt is on, including online auditions from across the country,” said Pandit.

Source: IANS