A fine dinner embracing multiculturalism!

Multicultural Dinner 2018, organized by the august Fiji Senior Association of Queensland Inc. at Coorparoo Secondary College, Brisbane on 6th October shared the vivacious messages of harmony over a table.

The noble association over the years, has put great effort in bringing together many cultures regardless of the race, religion, caste, custom, color and creed to celebrate the very distinctive ethnicities and traditions. Fiji, the country by itself is known for its richness of diversity and adaptability to new cultures portrayed messages of brotherhood through the beautiful event.

The event was augmented by showcasing music and dance performances by prominent cultural groups including Mamana Tongan cultural group, Dulja group, Brisbane Nth Chinese Association, Dance galatta team, Kribati Association group, Indonesian dance group, and Clare group. The performance of the most awaited Botswana Group, Moputswapele Dance Troupe added to the charm of the event.

Mr. Surendra Prasad, the president remarked that every year the association thrives to improvise than before. He also thanked the commendable co-operation of communities and due support of government. The event aimed at bringing together diversities in unity as one nation was fruitful to the core. The guests enjoyed a fine dining with the celebration of nation’s medley.