Five Will Smith movies worth another watch

Courtesy: I Am Legend is a frightening, confronting and totally immersive action movie.

With the ever-popular Will Smith returning to cinemas this week with a prominent role in Disney’s new Aladdin remake, here are five more ways to quickly stream the Fresh Prince at his best.

After a virus wipes out almost all civilised life, the last man left standing in New York City works on finding a cure. A frightening, confronting and totally immersive action movie. A proven reassuring presence in any circumstances, Smith excels himself here: not only carrying the entire picture on his own, but keeping the audience at his side throughout.

A ripping chase movie where Big Brother is not only watching you, but he is also checking out what you did five minutes ago on action replay. A well-cast Smith is the hero huffing, puffing and trying to keep out of a narky secret government agency’s way. Gene Hackman proves to be of invaluable assistance as the heat is turned up to an unbearable degree.

An undercover “date doctor” (Smith) for lonely men finds his credentials under severe scrutiny when he unsuccessfully pursues a newspaper gossip columnist (Eva Mendes). Smith makes a perfect fit for a very likeable, easygoing rom-com. You won’t need a GPS to work out where this is all heading, but the real pleasure is the scenic route used to get there.

In 2035 Chicago, a cynical cop (Smith) dismayed by society’s dependence on machines stumbles upon an imminent robot rebellion. Some stirring action sequences and a fascinating futuristic setting keeps things entertaining, even if this loose adaptation of the Isaac Asimov doesn’t always take the most original approach possible. Co-stars Bridget Moynahan, James Cromwell.

A factual drama about a breakthrough discovery with ramifications for contact sports all over the world. In 2002, Dr. Bennet Omalu (Smith) is diagnosed with a then-unknown disease among ex-NFL players. Multiple blows to the head across a career could generate a terrifying and irreversible suite of symptoms. You would think such findings would have alarm bells ringing in the halls of the NFL? Nope.