Google’s annual developer conference  – while it is happening!

Google’s annual developer conference is currently under way. 

  • Hands-free calling is coming to Google Home
  • You can scan just about anything with your phone’s camera and have Assistant analyse its contents
  • Google Assistant is taking on Siri in the Apple App Store
  • Android O is available, and a lot of fun
  • You can now search LinkedIn, Monster, Facebook, and more job sites all at once
  • The Daydream VR platform will now support standalone headsets

It showed off some features in Android O, the new version of Android coming this year. e.g. you can now use picture-in-picture video, so you can watch video or video chat while doing other stuff on your phone. Android is also getting a new auto-fill feature that knows your password and log-ins for apps so you can sign in with one click.  Android O’s improvements help with stuff under the hood like managing battery life and processing power.

Announcement of a new product called Google Lens, will be part of the Google Assistant for Android phones. Lens can identify objects in the real world for a variety of uses.

Google has around 2 billion active devices based on the company’s Android software.

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Source: Google and Business Insider Australia