Kangana Ranaut during the promotions of her upcoming film Panga in Mumbai. Courtesy: IANS

Kangana Ranaut is currently busy with the promotions of her upcoming film Panga, in which she plays a mother to school-going boy. The actor has, however, made it clear that she doesn’t feel compelled to be a wife or a mother right now.

Talking about her views on marriage, she told Mumbai Mirror in an interview, “I’m at a phase when I’m just beginning to enjoy my life. If someone can add to it, I’m fine, but if, as a woman, I am expected to ensure he’s emotionally stable, enhance his spiritual growth, be lucky and bring him financial windfalls and take on the responsibility of a home, children and family, then, I’m not up for that. At the moment, I have no time for people who come with any kind of baggage.”

The actor confessed being happy with what she have — a blooming career, her new production company, her nephew Prithviraj and her family and made it clear that she can wait to think about starting a family. “The world is respectful; there’s a lot to do and give. And for the first time, I can think about myself. Let me be a little self-centered and enjoy what I have earned. I don’t have the time and energy to invest in another family. That can come later,” she said.

Recalling how she left home at the age of 15 to be an independent woman, she said, “Today, fortunately for me, I’ve got my family back. But I know that somewhere success had a huge role to play in the reconciliation. Had I not made it in films, I might have lost out on both my family and my dream, and that would have been devastating.”

Kangana is playing the role of Kabaddi player Jaya Nigam in Panga. It stars Richa Chadha as her mentor, Neena Gupta as her mother and Jassie Gill as her husband in the film. It is set to hit theatres on January 24, alongside Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor’s Street Dancer 3D.