MAFS star Jessika Power’s reunion with ex Dan Webb hides her pain

MAFS star Jessika Power reunites with Dan Webb on the Gold Coast for the first time since breaking up in February. Courtesy : BACKGRID Australia

Married At First Sight star Jessika Power’s recent reunion with her ex Dan Webb raised eyebrows across Australia.

Their affair on the hit reality TV show stunned viewers, and Jess has previously far from positive about him in media interviews, saying she would “laugh at him” if he went to jail for his alleged involvement in a $20 million investment scam.

The photos of the former couple meeting on the Gold Coast for coffee showed they were all-smiles — as if their previous antics and words were all under the bridge.

Jess even confirmed to the Mail Online she called him up to “smooth things” over before they attend a charity event next month.

But behind these photos is another story.

Jess, 26, told News Corp Australia she “lost herself” when she and Dan, 35, previously broke up.

“I actually haven’t made comment to the public as I wanted to let it go,” she said.

“I was so depressed, I loved this guy … I moved states for him … I thought bugger it, I can see a future with you.

“I didn’t know about Dan’s fraud case until I found out through my publicist.

“There’s a lot this man, boy, what ever you want to call him has done to get me down.”

After the breakup she said she “broke”.

“I broke when we split up I just thought ‘What have I done? What have I done?’, that’s the only time I was really low,” she said.

To me that made me feel so worthless and low and I was really depressed and it’s taken a lot of love and energy from my family and friends to pull me through that.

“My aunty (Bec) took a week off work to help me, my sister was calling me every single day, it took me a lot.

“Now I am embracing what I’ve made … I’m going to try and make something out of this.”

Jess, who has now recently hooked up with former MAFS contestant Nick Furphy, said she has toughened up since being on the show and she never reads the comments from trolls on her social media.

She is now keen to use her “massive platform” to work with a charity to help people who experience cyber-bullying. She and her agent Max Markson have been researching charities she can worth with in the future.

“My skin has definitely gotten thicker as I’ve gone on, I laugh at a lot of it,” she said.

“The amount of trolling I get daily is disgusting I’ve always had a thick skin, but my concern about cyber-bullying is with young kids who go to school — get on internet and it’s scary what our children are exposed to.”

“You get off these show and people get free hair and free nails done … but I want to use my celebrity for good,” she said.

I don’t read the comments it’s just a cesspool of disgusting people that have got nothing better to do than abuse someone they don’t know that they have seen on a TV show that’s highly edited.”

“They don’t realise their words are like bullets over the keyboard.”

Jess also said that since being on the show she has “grown” as a person, and shouldn’t be judged for what she previously did.

“I shouldn’t be constantly ridiculed because of things I did months and months ago,’ she said.

My growth game has been massive and I’m not the same person a month ago, or a day ago.

“There are days when I wish I was normal again and I could step outside my house and not be followed by paparazzi but also I think this is a life I’m fitting into.