Meera on the coast- A Must Watch Show!!Meera’ is inspired by a unique love story set in 16th century India. It is a love story which is beyond the need of physical presence. 

Many years in making ‘Meera’ is the creative, bold and beautiful interpretation of Aarti’s view of the character Meera who epitomizes unbridled faith that transforms into the greatest love of all. Meera is an interlude between a theatrical and musical, linked with the best of narration, opera singing and story-telling.

The production, to be performed in English, will feature a cast of 80 to 100 lead by Ms Bajaj as Meera.

“We will be bringing so many genres together to stage one beautiful story all about love,” she said. Ms Bajaj said the colourful work — “an interlude between a theatrical and a musical” — would incorporate dance styles including contemporary, ballet, jazz, Indian classical, Indian contemporary and pole, elaborate costumes and jewellery. and an original soundtrack. “It’s ambitious,” she said. “The entire story has been written by me. “I believe in it and I think it will bring a wider arts audience together. It’s close to my heart.” She said she hoped the work would “bring together the Brisbane, Gold Coast community and the Indian community”. “The story we are telling is from India,” she said. “It’s a stage musical style telling of an Indian story, about two different India’s with parts that will be in the 16th century musical style. “It will have Indian and non-Indian people dancing in different forms and different ways.”

Meera premieres at The Arts Centre Gold Coast on November 4, 2018. Making its debut and world premiere right in the heart of Gold Coast at the HOTA, ‘Meera’ is not a performance to be missed.

Meera will be a mesmerizing treat to all senses, melodious original music composed by renowned maestros from India, and many other European countries to lavish glamorous costumes that befit Indian-royalty, the backdrop of the story, and everything from ballet, Indian contemporary, African contemporary, tap, aerial, pole, classical dancing performed by amateurs from all background and ages!

Think bold, beautiful, mesmerizing, inspirational, unique and breathtaking, Think Meera! Tickets on sale Sun 6 May at 9am.