IMG_3216Officers from across the South Brisbane District gathered at the Brisbane Sikh Temple on Thursday, April 18 as part of their ongoing community engagement strategy for Operation Wake Up, Road Safety.

The stall popped up in the evening to raise awareness about the Fatal Five (speeding, drug and drink driving, fatigue and distracted driving) and how to stay safe on our roads during the Easter Holiday period.

The team from the South Brisbane Police Liaison Unit were also on hand to provide timely advise on home and personal safety.

Superintendent Virginia Nelson said roads are very busy during the Easter break.

We are campaigning very hard to ensure the community is on board in working with us to reduce road trauma on our roads Superintendent Nelson said.

Over 200 attendees came to show their support to the Queensland Police, with plenty of conversations, photos, and selfies shared.

Community members attending the the event expressed their appreciation for the overwhelming support they have received from the Service.

Kam Athwal, the Director of the Sikh Nishkam Society of Australia said that the information was important for the community. Events like the ‘pop up’ allow everyone to receive timely advice on how to stay safe on our roads.

Kam Athwal thanked the QPS for their ongoing support for the safety of the Sikh Community and to all communities that they serve.

Thank you to the community for your support towards this important initiative and a special thank you to our hosts at the Brisbane Sikh Temple.