Rebel Wilson responds to backlash over 'plus-sized' claims

Rebel Wilson says she never wants to disrespect anyone. Courtesy: BBC

Rebel Wilson says she “never wants to disrespect anyone” after there was backlash over comments she made about plus-sized women in film.

The Australian actress told chat show host Ellen Degeneres: “I’m proud to be the first ever plus-sized girl to be the star of a romantic comedy.”

Viewers pointed out that Queen Latifah and Mo’Nique had led romcoms before.

Mo’Nique tweeted Rebel: “Let’s please not allow this business to erase our talent”.

Rebel replied saying: “It was never my intention to erase anyone else’s achievements”.

Rebel Wilson had been talking about her film Isn’t It Romantic on The Ellen Show last week when she made the comments about being plus-sized.

She got a big cheer from the studio audience – but people on Twitter were quick to point out that she hadn’t mentioned other plus-sized women who had led romcoms.

The 2006 film The Last Holiday starred Queen Latifah while Phat Girlz, also from 2006, starred Mo’Nique.

Some people online also mentioned the fact that both films were led by women of colour.

Rebel initially replied saying “there’s a slight grey area” and questioned whether they were plus-sized when they filmed the movies.

She also said “it was questionable” whether those films were classed as studio romcoms.

After Mo’Nique and writer Claire Willett both tweeted Rebel, she said she would address the argument “when promoting the film in proper forums”.

She added: “I’m all about supporting plus size women and I work so hard to do so.”

The actress produced the film Isn’t It Romantic, which she stars in alongside Liam Hemsworth and Priyanka Chopra.

She plays a woman who gets trapped in a romcom in the movie, which comes out next year.