A special offer for INQ readers for SAFAL festival

From the Founder, Ash Golkar, President of ASAF (Australian South Asia Forum Inc,  a non-profit community organisation.





This year we are organising a world first integrated South Asian Film Arts and Literature festival to be held this weekend 20th and 21st May in host partner Macquarie University’s North Ryde campus.

I would like to invite you to come and enjoy this unique festival, offering a variety of events across film, arts and literature, designed to engage, entertain and stimulate, and enhance cross-cultural appreciation.

Join me in this amazing celebration at the SAFAL Fest Awards Night on Saturday 20-May starting 7.30pm. There will be plenty of things going at the venue including food stalls the whole day leading to the main event. The Awards Night will be a cultural spectacular with dance, music performances and recognition of local & international luminaries. Please let me know by return email if you would like tickets for yourself and a companion and I’ll issue these complimentary. Also let me know if you would like complimentary tickets for other paid events listed below.

In case, tickets to requested events are unavailable, I can provide them to alternate events.

The list of events is as:

  • 20-21 May All day art exhibition, food stalls and music, dance performances on main stage – FREE
  • 20-21 May All day – 4 literary panel discussions per day on various topics related to self publishing, emerging markets, etc. Two Walkley Award winners, Ben Doherty & Hamish MacDonald, will feature at 4pm on 20-May. 
  • 20-May 10.45am Singhalese film (subtitles) Ho Gaana Pokuna and Q&A with director Indika and lead actress Anasuya
  • 20-May 1.45pm Bollywood Hindi film (subtitles) Tezaab and Q&A with director N Chandra
  • 20-May 2.30pm Acting Performance workshop with Neel Banerjee
  • 20-May 3.30pm Bangladeshi pop band – Ahsan & Co – FREE
  • 21-May 10am Creative Writing workshop with Nim Gholkar
  • 21-May 10am Short Film Competition Finals including WORLD PREMIERE of Bollywood Short Film ‘An Invitation’ starring Rajat Kapoor – FREE
  • 21-May 12.30pm Film Direction Masterclass by N Chandra (No participation – Viewing Only)
  • 21-May 3pm Indo-Aussie film Love & Love Only and Q&A with director J Karikalan and cast includes a 4pm repeat screening of FESTIVAL PREMIERE Bollywood Short Film ‘An Invitation’ starring Rajat Kapoor


Feel free to share this with family and friends

Visit www.safalfest.org for more details…