Sri Selva Vinayakar Mahotsavam 2018Hindu Ahlaya Sangam Qld Inc (HASQ) organized ‘The Mahotsavam’ (Grand Festival) for Lord Ganesha at Sri Selva Vinayakar Temple Brisbane starting on Friday 6 April 2018. 

This is the 3rd Mahothsavam for Sri Selva Vinayakar in this temple since the Kumbabhishekam (installation of the deity) was held in May 2015.

Selva Vinayakar temple Mahothsavam is a ten days festival fixed for the Ratha festival to be celebrated on the ninth day – the Tamil New Year day. Usually it falls on the 14th of April each year. On each day of the festival, both morning and evening Pradaksana or procession of the deity, with Umbrella, Chowri, and deepam, singing, dancing and playing various instruments. The thaalas to be played in the course of the procession are prescribed. The celebration of Mahothsavam commenced with hoisting the flag of the main deity on this day – symbolising creation. Festivals from the second day on to the eighth day symbolises sustenance. The Ratha or chariot festival on the ninth day – New Years’ day is regarded as the grandest event of the Mahothsavam. This festival symbolises destruction. Theertha on the tenth day marks the end of the festival. This ceremony begins with the usual preliminary rites. Thereafter the deity is taken to the Theerthasthanam. The Astrarajah, who serves as the substitute for the main deity, is first bathed with the abisheka dravyas and then immersed in the water which has been already sanctified by purifactories. This ceremony in the morning symbolises concealment. The Avarohana- that is lowering of the flag and the silent procession in the evening symbolises bestowal of His grace to the devotees. The Mahothsavam concluded with Poongavanam on the eleventh day.  This marks the celebration by the devotees on obtaining His divine bliss.

Feeding the devotees, known as Maheswara Puja (Annathaanam) during festivals is a custom honoured and carried out on a grand scale by the devotees with much care and devotion in saivite temples. On 14th April, on occasion of Tamil new year there were more than 3000 devotees at the temple for blessings.

Many volunteers came forward to render their service to the temple Management Committee during this grand festival period. The temple authority thanked all well-wishers for their participation and success of the event.