UntitledThe Vedanta Centre in Springfield Lakes held two programmes – a solemn worship programme on 12 January to celebrate the actual tithi (day) of Swami Vivekananda’s birth and another programme on Saturday, 18 January, to facilitate the participation of more number of people on a weekend.

On the 18th January, the day began with sonorous chanting from the Vedic scriptures followed by worship and Havan (offerings through fire). Devotional music was rendered by Atul Deshpande, Dr Gopal Bose, Dr Ashwin Sathyamoorthi and a few others.

15-year-old Angad Deshpande spoke about how Swami Vivekananda is still just as relevant to the youth. He narrated how, at his age, the young Narendranath (later Vivekananda) was far ahead of his friends in maturity and knowledge – at a very young age he had studied both Eastern and Western philosophies and was adept in music (by the age of 18 he had published a book on classical music in Bengali), in wrestling and other physical activities.

Jayshree Kapadia, representing the elderly devotees of the centre, spoke about how thoughts inspired by Vedantic teachings could transform us. She narrated her own experience about the guidance and inspiration she received by studying the life and teachings of Swami Vivekananda.

After the programme, the congregation was served with a sumptuous lunch-prasad.

Apart from the admirers and devotees of the Vedanta Centre, Mrs Teresa Harding, LNP’s Mayoral Candidate for Ipswich Council, along with her husband Steven Voll, attended the programme.