Temperatures plunge below 0C in parts of Queensland

Courtesy: James Rogers snapped this picture of frost in Davenport Park as temperatures plunged to 0.3C.

QUEENSLANDERS in the state’s southeast woke up to a freezing morning, with temperatures dropping below zero in some areas.

It was a chilly morning for those in the Darling Downs and Granite Belt, Dalby recorded a low temperature of -4.8C just before 6:30am, Oakey recorded lows of -2.3C and Applethorpe 0.6C.

Gympie recorded a low of -0.2C at 6am and Kingaroy was -3C.

Along the south east coast Brisbane Airport was a chilly 6.9C this morning at 5am, Sunshine Coast Airport was 2.6C and Coolangatta was 0.9C.

Amberley recorded a low temperature of -3C just after 6:30am, Beaudesert was also in the negative temperatures at -2.5C.

The Bureau of Meteorology have forecast a sunny day across the southeast with maximum temperatures expected in Brisbane being 20C.

Source: https://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/weather/temperatures-plunge-below-0c-in-parts-of-queensland/news-story/0577edf5acb6433c7fd4ac7c496af4e2