TNBCLive, a subsidiary company of The News plc, is making its way up to the ranks of success by practicing responsible journalism. 

Founded in 2010 by Aninda Bhowmik, TNBC delivers multi-platform news and information, catering to international news, sports, business, weather, lifestyle, technology, and in-depth analysis. “TNBC has been a very big dream for me ever since I become a journalist. When I was studying journalism for my degree, I came across many things that deeply saddened me. The noble profession of journalism was tarnished by the greed of money and fame. I saw different news agencies, who wrote news pieces that had no relation to reality, and were very misleading. I could see how a single article could cause a riot in the masses. Being a meek student at that time, I could only wish for someone to completely change the dynamics of media,” said Bhowmik.

With its stable 45 million monthly viewership, TNBCLive serves as a forum for better understanding through exclusive visual and in-depth storytelling and provide a truly international perspective on world news and entertainment. being the international version has other news sites based in the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates.

According to, “The News plc is the leading global diversified media asset holding associate that delivers highly engaging premium content based on original and independent editorials through a collective portfolio of over 45 different brands reaching a premium audience of more than 80 million consumers across 28 countries.” TNBCLive is a prominent member of the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB UK).

TNBCLive’s chief-editor Chandrani Sarkar follows extensive editorial procedures, making sure the news story has no loopholes in terms of credibility.

On TNBCLive’s future, CEO Aninda Bhowmik said, “Well, I have been planning to make TNBC a global news platform to improve the image of journalists everywhere. I have many other things up my sleeve that you will find out soon.”

Being an Indian, Aninda Bhowmik wanted to create a platform for overseas Indians. In 2010, he achieved that dream by creating a news website that serves as a go-to platform for overseas Indians.

Indians living in Australia, America, UK, and other countries can access and be up to date with the affairs of the world. Having an extensive Indian staff, TNBCLive provides the feel of familiarity to the overseas Indians, giving them an in-depth analysis to which they could relate.