FICQFICQ is the umbrella body consisting of 33 Indian organisations representing people of Indian origin from mainland India, Fiji, South Africa, Malaysia, etc., now living in Queensland. Formed in 1998, the federation provides a common platform to member organisations to represent the Indian Community at all levels of government and other institutions.

FICQ is recognised by all levels of government, the non-government sector and the private sector as the peak body in Queensland for all associations, organisations and societies representing people of Indian origin.

A non-profit organisation serving the Indian community in Queensland, FICQ aims to facilitate various Indian organisations to work together as one group on common issues for the benefit of all Indians or people of Indian origin in Queensland.

Who can become a member?

Any organisation that identifies itself with Indian values is encouraged to join FICQ so that Indian community in Queensland can be strengthened. Membership of FICQ is open to all incorporated, constitutionally structured organisations representing communities who are of Indian origin or identify with India in Queensland. The president of each member organisation or his/her nominee represents his/her organisation on FICQ. Individuals are not eligible for membership of FICQ.

How does FICQ work?

All Indian member organisations that are eligible are elected to the executive body to run FICQ. Member organisations can influence the directions taken by FICQ through joining the Executive Committee (EC) and participating in Governing Council (GC) meetings. EC members have scope to influence the broader national agenda through attending interim meetings of the Confederation of Indian Associations in Australia held in major cities in Australia.

Upcoming Diwali 2019 celebrations

FICQ has been celebrating the Diwali Festival in Brisbane since 2010, promoting harmony and multiculturalism. More than 15,000 people all over Brisbane and other parts of Queensland attend the event annually, signifying the success of the festival over the years.

The most precious celebration of the year for the Indian community, Diwali – Indian Festival of Lights will be organised on Friday, 25 October, 2019 at King George Square, Brisbane City. The function will start with traditional Indian reception between 4.00pm to 4.30 pm followed by official reception from 6.00 pm to

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