USS Ronald Reagan leaves Brisbane

Locals look at the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan, docked at the Port of Brisbane in Brisbane. Courtesy: AAP Image/Dan Peled

USS Ronald Reagan has sailed from Brisbane’s port this morning after a five-day port call which saw hundreds flock to get a glimpse of the imposing vessel.

With more than 4000 American sailors on board, the 333m ship docked at the Port of Brisbane last Friday ahead of the launch of the Talisman Sabre, Australia’s largest joint-military exercise.

For some sailors, it was their first time in Australia and they took the opportunity to hug koalas at Lone Pine Sanctuary, climb the Story Bridge and explore the Gold Coast.

Some headed to Eagle St Pier to get a beer and celebrate post July 4 celebrations while others enjoyed a more scenic Lime Scooter ride along the Brisbane river.

The $4.5 billion ship will now head off the coast of central Queensland to commence a series of exercises with the bulk of training to be held at Shoalwater Bay.

More than 34,000 personnel from Australia, the US, Canada, Japan, New Zealand and the UK are expected to participate in Talisman Sabre from now until late August.