a-question-to-ponder-2The recurring question that has bothered the ignorant for centuries is “Why was the mighty Ravan unable to take Sita into his golden palace and marry Her?”

Ravan represents the jeev or the praan. Lanka symbolises the human body. Sita ma depicts bhakti (devotion) and shanti (peace & harmony) – among many other forms. God (Prabhu) represents the ultimate peace (Shanti Niketa – eternal bliss) – among many other symbols.

A person may be able to collect many resources and tools (sukh ke saadhan) to provide him peace and happiness. Some of these resources are material things like money, cars, houses and multiple household implements like fridge, washing machine, microwave, dishwasher, kingsize bed, sealy posturepedic, mattress, etc.

Despite all these elements to provide us with external peace and worldly pleasures, we are never at ease with ourselves, never in harmony with the surroundings. The more we have (golden palace, multiple beautiful wives), the more we want (what others have), and the more stressful our lives become.

Devotion (bhakti) with Dedication (shraddha) is the only way to attain satisfaction and contentment. One cannot force bhakti into submission. We have to submit to bhakti and she comes with humility and modesty. Get rid of ahankaar (pride), control your urges and respect each individual for what they are – not what you want them to be.

If the powerful warrior Ravan, with a golden palace and a mighty army, could not submit bhakti (Sita ma) – you, with your meager worldly possessions, have no chance.