Helicopter ride was on offer for the adventurous ones Courtesy Eid Down UnderFood, fashion, music and other entertainments marked this year’s celebrations

Eid Down Under, a celebration of the Eid al Fitr, was hosted by the Islamic Council of Queensland in Brisbane on ​ June 8 in Karawatha. The event in 2019, like previous years in 2017 and 2018, was a huge hit with the Muslims as well as the broader Brisbane community.

Food, fashion and a ride sky-high

Just like the previous years, Eid Down Under created a festive atmosphere in the Muslim community. While the streets were being intricately decorated for the occasion, families were busy presenting their children with gifts. At the Eid Down Under celebrations this year, there were many events for children and adults alike. Among many other things sumptuous food and fashionable outfits on display attracted visitors’ instant attention. Then there was the helicopter ride, which was arranged to entertain those who wished for an adventure trip to the skies. Art and craft competitions were also organized giving an opportunity to those who wanted to showcase their talents.

Fun and Music

Among many other attractions, one of them was the petting zoo at which visitors, especially children, had the opportunity to handle and feed the animals they love. However, if there was a yearning for soul-stirring music, one could attend a live programme of Nasheeds. Nasheeds are Islamic hymns sung by the Muslims. If this was not enough, there were more entertainments in the form of stage shows, with depictions of superheroes and cartoon characters. Then there were fireworks, which lit up the atmosphere highlighting the festive spirit of the day. The festivities went on till late evening.

Eid is the occasion when the Muslim community seeks to promote a sense of friendship and compassion with their neighbours. The festival offers an opportunity to celebrate current friendships and create new ones within the wider community.

Muslims worldwide celebrate Eid-al-Fitr after a month of fasting during Ramadan. This festival, along with Eid al-Adha a few months later, is two of the most important celebrations in the Muslim calendar. Eid Down Under, a family friendly-event provides a chance for the Muslim community to celebrate the end of Ramadan by connecting with friends from other groups and communities. An important objective of Eid Down Under is to promote cohesion, acceptance and understanding of cultural diversity and its benefits across the community.